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penticton dog trainer sandy wei with dog gustavo

Penticton and South Okanagan’s only certified dog behaviour consultant and multi-certified dog trainer, accredited by BCSPCA AnimalKind, using progressive dog training methods backed by science from a place of compassion involving advocacy. Wei with Tails’ mission is to provide holistic training that addresses and treats behaviours, and meets the needs of everyone involved allowing for a harmonious partnership.

We acknowledge each dog as an individual. Our custom dog training plans utilize positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods only. Yes, we use food and whatever else the dog finds reinforcing. We empower guardians with management that sets the dog up for success, functional techniques that involve pattern games and choice while taking into account important factors like the dog’s history, background and threshold for stressors. 

Wei With Tails is centered around behavioural health, building trust and confidence in each other. We will never encourage physical force, psychological pressure, punishment, intimidation tactics or use of punitive tools. Dominance methods have proven to have eventual consequences such as increased aggression and mental harm which compromises the dog’s welfare.

The dog training and pet care industry is unregulated. Please work with professionals who invest in continued education and are recognized by BCSPCA or are Fear Free Certified. More frequently asked questions about dog training and the industry in the FAQ section.

what clients are saying

This training was super valuable and I feel like I have a clear path forward with strategies to help both me and my dog be successful. Sandy is super professional, organized, supportive and embodies the true meaning of fear and force free training. She is able to teach each component with positive reinforcement the guiding principle behind how she leads. I confidently recommend Wei With Tails if you are looking to have a great partnership with your dog and gain practical skills to help in all areas of daily living. Thanks Sandy

– Heather McVicar & Ty

[S]ince we completed our training with you – Tiffany [has been] AMAZING!!! It’s the first time that I actually enjoyed our walk and I was able to stay afterwards and chat with the group without Tiffany acting up. Her progress was so noticeable that I even had a few people reach out to me after the walk to comment on the change in Tiffany’s behaviour and how much she’s improved. THANK YOU!!!  The guidance you have given us has changed all of our lives for the better and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

– Debra Paulhus & Tiffany