online private dog training

Wei with Tails specializes in:

fearful or anxious behaviors
leash walking
newly adopted dogs/puppies
off leash recall
basic fundamentals
disruptive behaviors

Wei with Tails does not offer:

overnight boarding/dog sitting
dog walking/visits
separation anxiety training
training involving court cases
training for dogs to become service/emotional support/therapy/guide/search/guard dogs

please email if you require a complimentary 15 min discovery call before purchase

• there is zero difference in dog training between meeting in-person or online
just like a counsellor does not need to see panic attack or trauma in action, qualified trainers do not need (or want!) to see a dog purposely set up to fail, perform over threshold behaviours or problem behaviours to understand what the dog is experiencing
• we collect data, information and history about a dog’s behaviours through careful questioning of the client instead
• effective & safe dog training does not involve the trainer to handle or touch the dog as all the training is via coaching the handler or guardian
• not having the trainer physically around the dog means we can conduct the training in the dog’s natural environment without distractions
• a management & behaviour modification plan, along with supporting resources (videos & handouts), are made available to clients for review after private training


private training: 48+ hours notice for any rescheduling or cancelations/refunds, otherwise appointment is forfeit if notice is less than 48 hours

$20 processing fee applied for cancelations/refunds with sufficient notice

equipment not permitted: prong, choke, chain, martingale (half chain), bark or electric collars, slip leads