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Wei with Tails is dedicated to showing dog guardians how to communicate with their dogs and how to advocate for them in humane and safe ways.  Our mission is to teach you how to train your dogs effectively, to build confidence in you and your dog while meeting everyone’s needs.

Wei with tails acknowledges each dog as an individual. Our custom training plans utilize positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods only (yay, science!). Yes, we use food and whatever else your dog finds reinforcing. We show you management that sets your dog up for success, techniques that involve pattern games and choice while taking into account important factors like your dog’s history, background and threshold for stressors. 

We will never encourage physical force, psychological pressure, punishment, intimidation tactics or use of punitive tools. Dominance methods have proven to have eventual consequences such as increased aggression and mental harm which compromises the dog’s welfare.

The dog training and pet care industry is unregulated. Please work with professionals who invest in continued education and are recognized by BC SPCA or are Fear Free Certified.

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